A Dream

June 1, 2008
By Sunjae Park, Roslyn Heights, NY

Before I wither away in the middle of the arid desert
Let me die in the world of phantasmagoria
Even if it means to burn myself by a fiery blaze of sun
Turning into pitiful dark ashes alone

Call me a fool
But I would rather want to see in my very own two eyes
The most sparkling water of an oasis
Glaring ferociously in a land of sand dunes
Than plain rain drops coming from the sky
Bestowing convenience yet losing the beauty of uniqueness

If there is such one
I want to grasp it in my very own two hands
Quenching a curiosity with its mysterious water
My hideous avarice laughs genuinely in ignorance
When others suffocate in agony

What fault lies in my faith

A river of their bloody tears trail my adventure
But my soul is already enthralled by the beauty
Walking towards its glimpse without a rest
Somberly crying in their pain

May fate spare a mercy upon me

For it is the only thing I crave
If I can earn its slightest piece
Let me die in the world of phantasmagoria
While a string of my life still connects to the land
Despite paying all costs to cries of anguish
By the vicious fury of Sun

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