Summer Fields

September 23, 2010
By Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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The sun was setting in the west,
The cool of night descended upon the day,
And the fireflies danced their very best-
I can’t imagine summer any other way.

So as I sat relaxed and cooled,
My mind clearing like the colored cloudless sky,
Suddenly, I thought my eyes at first were fooled-
When I saw her, in the wild flowers did she lie.

Her hair was smooth and brown in hue,
Soft skin accompanied her stunning smile,
And I will make this promise to you,
For just her glance, I would run many a mile.

In her hand a letter did she hold,
Her heartwarming eyes moving along the page,
And from her lips came joy untold,
And the feeling that passed through me no man can gauge.

Now I’m sure we’ve met before,
I know that laugh I’d never forget,
And these memories I wish to restore,
But I know our future has not been set.

Gracefully she arose from her pastel bed,
Her form to much for my eyes to take in-
I’m sure right then my heart it bled
As its beat accompanied the grasshoppers din.

I know she saw me as she stole away,
But her softening footsteps tell me how she feels,
So I’ll sit here- quiet- in mother natures fray,
With her light and song my heart she heals.

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