Spring Life

September 23, 2010
By Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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The first sweet rays of light hit my face-
And my eyes slowly turned away,
This crisp spring morning full of grace
Would be my choice for which things would stay.

Its delicate brilliance illuminated the ground
Upon which my wandering eyes slowly moved,
But I was shaken when at a glance if found
A greater beauty; My heart it soothed.

She softly balanced at the edge of the brooke,
Her feet resting in the cool rippling rill,
And upon my form she took one gracious look,
And with just her glance, was my heart fulfilled.

I went along and sat beside,
Hoping that something would make it right,
But while I loved, I felt less, felt cast aside
As she turned away to my least delight.

So here I sit, my heart in two,
One half anchored, the other in flight,
And I don’t know what to say, what to do,
Should I obey her eyes or stay and fight?

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