The Loneliest Man

September 23, 2010
The loneliest man I ever met,
lay in bed and died-
and opposite of what you might expect
He had a family by his side-
His wife so selfish and distant,
Her daughters just the same,
and you’d think for just an instant
that each of them would be to blame.
But unfortunately you’d be wrong,
No, this loneliness was all his fault,
He ran towards a people to which he didn’t belong-
He didn’t like his life to stay default.
So he ran up that gold-rimmed ladder,
kicking his fellow countrymen out of the way,
O how he got there didn’t matter,
as long as when he to the top, he could stay.
But when at last he mounted that peak
of all he was to be
He couldn’t think of anything else to seek,
so he stayed in the same degree.
Unfortunately as you might expect
there came a time to fall,
and everything he had was wrecked-
He had no one he loved, as you may recall
So, as I said before,
He lay in bed and died,
But here’s a fact you cant ignore
and a thing I cannot hide-
While his mortal death came three days fast,
His hearts been withering slow,
and if I were to hold these two in contrast,
the first would be my way to go-
for I’d rather die in three short suns
than in a lifetime of decay,
I'd rather have a fulfilling year, even just one,
than living life empty every day
for, the loneliest man I ever met,
lay in bed and died,
but because of a life I’m sure he regrets-
Not a single person cried

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