Heart's Memorial

September 23, 2010
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You were a wonderful reality
So I kept thinking it to be
You acted it out professionally
Knew it all - from A to Z
did it, said it perfectly
Like outta a bollywood movie

stole my heart, took my soul
Your smile, your laughter.
My dream of happily ever after.
Your voice was seducing.
Couldn't stop myself from loving.

Now,lonely, using my broken heart to clean your name off the wall
Rewatching the memories we created, imagined.
Every happiness you promised.
Now, why are you punishing?
Is this what i deserve for believing.

Knew it truth, lies i kept forgiving.
Saw the deceitful eyes, yet i kept ignoring.
I was gonna give it all for you.
I was questioning marriage too??

Sitting alone now, where once we sat together.
Waiting by the PC, signed into messenger.
Phone in my hand .. A hallucinating ringer.

All of a sudden, hell turned what was once heaven.
Un-threaded is the love sheet I had woven.
There's no moving on, i'm standing still.
Wishing you'd look back, ill be here 'til.....

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