Why You Want to Eat Cubed Watermelon

June 1, 2008
By Sandy Chu, Vancouver, ZZ

watermelon round
it rolls it rolls

cubes you can stack
and sit on
and cut
without fear of the rolling
and slipping
and slicing off your leg instead

then you will no longer
get to be a ballerina,
a school bus driver,
or a football player

you’d have to be a politician

oh no
anything but a politician!

and you would need a prosthetic
and willpower
and I’m not sure you’d be able to buy any willpower
the world’s rather short

maybe you could become
a one-legged school bus driver
because it will be much better than being
a one-legged politician

you can eat cubed watermelon
and grow up to be the best thing in the world


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