What Makes Us

June 1, 2008
People walk the halls day after day judging all those around them.
Their looks, their cloths, their grades, their color,
are just a few ways in which assumptions are made.

No one takes the time, to get to know,
who someone truly is and what they have to show.
They take one look and have simply one thought,
This person is this way, and that person is that way is what many of us have been taught.

Prejudice takes place all around,
and the one thing we can do is simply stomp it on the ground.
It makes no sense to place labels on individuals,
they have done nothing but possibly make the same mistake.

Who we are and where we come from is simply what makes us,
smile and love all people rather than judging and making a fuss.
We were created equally with the same basic rights,
so be fair to everyone and do not put up a fight.

Next time you are about to point someone out
Think of how you would felt when someone did that to you.
Who we are and where we come from is simply what makes us.

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