For Once

August 24, 2010
By , Westhampton, MA
For once, just once in your life,
Can you see the problem through someone else’s eye?

Why would she lie, lie about this?
I think of her crying, and at you I get pissed.

For once, listen, of the good, and the worst.
It’s time to put your children first.

For once, be our mother, proper and true,
You don’t listen to us, even when we listen to you.

Do you want us to suffer all that you have?
If you don’t listen now, it’s gonna get bad.

It starts with just words, I think that you know,
If those words aren’t stopped, the actions will grow.

For once, listen to your heart, you’ll know what to say,
That you can finally spare us your whole life’s pain.

But you won’t, you’ll just say, “Whatever.”
Just know this, say it this time, and you’ll lose us forever.

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