Summer Haikus

June 2, 2008
By Aaron Flores, Woodburn, OR

I love when its summer
The summer breeze is so warm
I love the warm summer night

The air is warm in the summer
The sun shines in the summer time

The sun shines on me

The sound of summer time
Is as sweet as honey from a bee
As beautiful as an angel

The loud sound of kids
Playing like no tomorrow
Cool fresh water balloon frights

Summers sun set
Is like a big night light in the sky
Which brings light to night

Kicking back in the summertime
Rollin in the sunshine
Summertime is the time for me

Listening to the summertime
Forget your problems they go away
The summers here to stay

Summer nights often warm
Party all nightlong tills the break of dawn
And till the sun raise’s

There’s nothing like summertime
Lady looking fine all the time
Summertime is the best time

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