The Losers

June 2, 2008
By Travis Smith, Hubbard, Oregon, OR

The deep harsh feeling of a loss,
It’s like being punched in your face by your little sister,
It’s humiliating,

Trying your hardest,
Only to be stopped in a screeching halt,
The frustration engulfs me in despair,

A depressing moment in time,
Your hopes annihilated,
Oh such a sickening moment,

The people who cause this,
Those depressing feelings,
The people who beat me at my own game,

I want revenge,
I want a win instead of a horrible loss,
The sweet aroma that is karma,

I must come up with a scheme,
How to get back at them, what to do,
This won’t happen again,

But wait I know,
I know what I must do,
I have a brilliant “plan”,

……..try harder next time,
I must overcome my weaknesses and make them my strengths,
Story of my life and everyone else’s,

Oh the sweet smell of a loss

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