Across the Seasons

September 22, 2010
By AshliCallison PLATINUM, Cary, North Carolina
AshliCallison PLATINUM, Cary, North Carolina
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love knows not its own depth till the hour of seperation by kahlil gibran

You gave me hope
When this world is rough
You love me through it all
I know it must be rough

I have a thousand and one imperfections
And still you see me clear
When my day has gone to hell
You save me from my fear

You see me at my best
Yet still love me at my worst
With all our complications
I had thought our love was cursed

But you hold me close again
And my faith is restored
At this very moment
All my doubts are ignored

With a single smile
You pull me from my dark
You’ve started a new chapter
And give my life its spark

You taught me to never give up
And I have never given in
I held tight to our love
Even as I treasured a possible sin

But our sin was merely a dream
Yet the experience brought us close
Through it we grew together
And blossomed like a rose

We continue to dance the path of time
Once two paths, now formed as one
Across the seasons we evolve
A love ever changing yet never is it done

Complications still exist
We stand at a distance we cannot bear
Never am I close enough
While still breathing one another’s air

Hopeful of memories to come
I bide my time with ease
Longing pulses through my being
But for now I live for the tease

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