The Eyes of Wisdom

June 1, 2008
In the Eyes of Wisdom,
lies cannot hide.
Nobody seems to know where they come from,
but still, some use them to carelessly guide.

In the Eyes of Wisdom,
you can find your true friends.
When you fall down rock-bottom,
they will be with you to all ends.

In the Eyes of Wisdom,
time is so small.
At the top of the Intellect Kingdom,
it's like it doesn't pass at all.

In the Eyes of Wisdom,
emotion is the speaker of minds.
It is the orator whom can dictate what we become,
a true mind master to people of all kinds.

In the Eyes of Wisdom,
desire is Satan's brother.
Friend it may seem to some,
It is actually man's bane and bother.

In the Eyes of Wisdom,
desertion is an old woe.
Disparity is what made him come,
to the love unwilling to help his security grow.

The Eyes have Wisdom,
because of realization,
that betrayal and hate can come,
from the friend that gives the Eyes their education.

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