The Unconventional

June 1, 2008
I see the look you give me;
So fresh, so dusted off, so polished.
Drained of all morality, you are drawn to me;
Unable to fight your compulsion.

You tie me in a rope, intertwined with an intense mixture of
Everything right and wrong;
It is now when you decide to pull the ends.

I can feel the ends of this rope growing stronger and tougher against my inner skin;
As it becomes tangled in the layers of my conscience.
While rubbing against my insides, this rope begins to slice away, peel away
My decisive shell as I lose connection with myself;
Someone I knew so well.

I can only watch as the lovers who live in the stars blow kisses
And wrap their arms in a passionate embrace around the spark of the day
And ignite the embers of peaking darkness that is twilight’s smile.

I follow as you, my morally divided admirer call me;
To a place where no one could hear me scream at myself;
For not seeing how inappropriate the situation;
A place where secluded walls echo their plans to puncture my head.

Arriving here finally
Willingly, you move in towards me
As years of longing hold your hand.
Confidence overpowers you as you take hold of my body;
And with a steady hand you slice along a jagged edge of uncertainty.

My gaze meets your eyes
And your pupils stained with a colorful palette of urges;
The intensity of your stare pushes me into
An unrelenting, irrational, unwanted state of yearning.

Sick of looking through me;
Your soulful stare turns the physical wheels of contact into motion.
Your hands tingle;
I can feel this as you caress me;
Running your wandering fingers on a smooth course;
You throw a surge of electricity that pulsates through
And pierces my body.

Your dazed mind contorts further with anger
At the gut-wrenching realization that you can not have me.
As I reach with trembling fingertips into the depths of you;
Camouflage exposed, your feelings for me ring true.

Without speaking a word to me
I can understand you, so intriguing;
However, I feel intensely that your deviance confuses me greatly.

It is as if every time you lay your eyes upon me
With every new situation;
You need to ingest your dosage;
Your fix;
Your medicine.

My skin crawls with hesitation;
Like oozing pustules my integrity bleeds;
All of this happens as your hands run an eager race down my arms.

The pace quickens
And there is no winner
As I make my decision to turn away in finality.

Your desire, a progressing heartbeat;
Concentrated beyond recognition eats away at me.
Sucking away at the pulp, sweet like fruit.

Leaving seclusion behind as I walk out the door;
Your desire chases me;
Taking the form of sugar-hungry maggots who
Unlike myself sprout fangs that seep with a poison.

This poison penetrates thoughts of righteousness
And courses through the veins of those who want to be forgotten.
Such poison doesn’t belong inside of me
Only fond memories of the way we used to be…

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