If only

May 31, 2008
By Jervaughn Patterson, Burtonsville, MD

I give up trying.why
not let go and start dieing.
I love you but it doesnt matter
Its really time for my heart to shatter

Letting go feels so wrong.
But now its been way to long.
why do i try when u laugh in my face.
why do i try when i have no place.

I wish there was a way to make u understand
but now im letting go of ur cold beautiful hand.
Waiting For u to laugh at me again.
And after all this is done.. Ill become sin.

You will no longer laugh at me.
because ill be someone u dont see.
deep inside the dark dirty ground.
wishing u were the love i thought i found.

Ill miss you but you wont miss me.
Ha this is funny this is all ill ever be.
Wishing i was someone that u acepet
wishing i was someone u would have kept.

If only you knew.. how much
i really loved you. <33

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