We should love

May 31, 2008
We should love
Show me how to love.
My heart is deeply falling for you.
But teach me how to feel the pain.
Tell me what I'm supposed to feel.
Show me how we are supposed to surpass
the obstacles.
Are we destined to be with each other?
Then tell me that,
whisper it in my ear,
while you hold me.
Tell me you love me and will never stop,
while you strum on your
Make beautiful music for me.
Sing to me,
even if you can't hit that high note.
It doesn't matter,
because you hit my high note.
State the obvious,
when our love is obviously to hard
for the naked eye to see.
When we fight,
make sure our relationship
will survive.
Heal the bruises, that your yelling made deep
in my heart.
Stop me from crying,
when my eyes begin to water,
and I bury my head deep within my hands.
Rub my back, while
we watch the ultimate love movie
and pretend, we were in this position for

Because what do we have to live for,
if our destiny is fulfilled
by our love.
And we're right where we are supposed
to be.
We feel what we are supposed to feel.
And we love, just the way we should love.

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