May 31, 2008
By Haley Orms, Tacoma, WA

I know how you feel, Survivor of Chaos.
Your world is no longer
Crashing down around you.
It's already fallen, and you're
Left alone in the remains.
Sitting, waiting for a sign of life, For someone precious to say this
Brittle Disaster never happened.
These assurances will never come.
So instead of dreaming of daydreams,
Walk through the smoking rubble,
Wander down the charred hall,
Open up the ashen door, and
Lie on the fragments of happier times.
You smile softly as you see the
Burning ash hit the floor, like
Reminders of the destroyed.
The sounds of life fade as Memories Seep into the Center of Worlds.
I know how you feel, Loner of Sorrow.
The bombs are no longer
Crashing down on top of you.
They've already fallen, and you're Left alone, in the Remains,
To rebuild the life you once led.

- Nobody Special.

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