Laura Linney and Spaghetti

May 31, 2008
Eating here at midnight

From translucent Tupperware

While the others sleep

Soundly in cobalt bedrooms

The screen blares out this image

And lulls my Ivory body

I see her face

So familiar, one I’ve seen

Countless times

The woman who spreads the message

This woman in all of us

Outside the pigeons coo

They huddle from the wind

And ever so often “splat”

They excrete their white paste

On the garage concrete

It’s late, so late

For this thrill at present

The floral fragrance of my beauty serum

Cold, pink like a peony

Thick from the Amana

Applying it formed

My eyebrows into

Two moistened crescents

Laura Linney and Spaghetti

A reflection of the obscure

Yet oddly understandable

Time of stars and moon and

Cat cries when

All gets


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