Pointless Rain

September 22, 2010
By Cara Jayasekera BRONZE, Corona, California
Cara Jayasekera BRONZE, Corona, California
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Rain warm when touched,
But cold to the heart
Meaninglessly pouring,
Tearing clouds apart
In the light of day,
And the drift of night
Tears of rain,
A despondent sight

Drops of rain shed
As they roll down hills
Waiting to settle then drop,
Creating pools of rain upon your shirt
Why wont this rain just stop
Rain so helpless, aimless, and without thought
When this rain starts to flow,
It cannot be fought
Just let the rain come,
And break out your soul;
Just once, this once let it console

Why do we cry these tears rain?
That form clouds underneath our eyes
Tears that drive us so close to insane
The Rain that should stay in the sky

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem one day to let out all the emotions i had one day when i was completely overwhelmed by my own sorrowful tears. I thought to myself what better way is there than to let out all my emotions through a poem that describes what I'm feeling, this was the whole basis of my poem. When people read this i want them remember a specific time that they too were overwhelmed by tears and ask themselves if they felt the same way as i did. I want them to picture the connection between the rain and tears in which i speak of in my poem.

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