May 31, 2008
By Sierra Moore, Amissville, VA

You stole my heart and broke it.
Now i'm taking yours and leaving it.
You crushed my dreams.
Now im ruining yours.
You where the guy that said I was yours.
Now i'm the girl saying that I'm not.
You said that you loved me.
Now i'm calling you a lier.
You told me I was beautiful.
Now I know you didn't mean it.
You said that you where there for me.
But boy you left me when i needed you.
You said nothing you just cried.
Now you know what I think about you.
There are trustworthy guys out there.
You wasted my time.
Now you know my parents never liked you.
I dont care.
You do.
But what ev. tell some one who cares :).

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