The way

May 31, 2008
It’s not the pain that’s killing me,
It’s the way you say her name.
And it’s not the way she loves you more,
It’s the way you feel the same.

It’s not the way you hold her hand,
It’s the way you won’t let go.
And it’s not because you like her smile,
It’s the way you let her know.

It’s not the way you kiss her lips,
It’s the way you touch her face.
And it’s not the way you give her hugs,
It’s the way you hold her waist.

It’s not the way you look at her,
It’s the way you don’t look away.
And it’s not about the things you do,
It’s about everything you say.

It’s not because I want you back,
It’s just that I want you here.
And it’s not because I miss you,
It’s just that I still care.

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Michelle said...
Sept. 1, 2008 at 9:08 pm
I absolutely love this. There is not a thing to change.
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