Mi Amor Real

May 31, 2008
(I request Anonymity)

I return to that
My Long awaited amor
My anger gone
Love in me

Empty love
Love true?
But altogether needy
One more conversation

The high is gone
I only yearn
Yearn and hope
For returned affection

Every warm word
My heart cheers
My hope spikes
And I return

Not physical
But emotional still
Absence takes its toll
I wish for one

And it is you
And do I know
If I’ll be fulfilled?
No but I hope

Beauty not physical
It entrances my mind
A whisper of you
And my soul lifts

From the deep black
It occupies when I
Can’t feel hope
So one small light

Leaving me yours
Until the next shines true
Mi amor no es tonto
My love is not silly

Nor is it fleeting
I deny it until
I argue with myself
I’ve given you a title

You have yet to accept
Scared to ask
Will you answer
You and I?

Or am I just
Childishly believing
Trust too much?
Say you will

You and I
A to B?
My heart is caught
And I argue

But love is the word
To come to mind
When I speak to you
My soul is bared

Each world
I smile
And I ask
You and I?

You’re so kind
But you don’t answer
The question
I asked before

Three letters or two?
Your truth I implore
For now I am taken
By my unfulfilled amor


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