If only...if Only...

May 30, 2008
Emotions have a tendency to get in our way,
like a storm that won't sway.
It's there, engulfing us
in a way that we all ditrus.
Whether be love or hate,
it puts our mind in a state
where all we think about is them,
almost like we are condemn.
It's like a damn punishment,
where all we want to nourish them.
Even if they despise us,
we won't let them get by us.
Even if crepped out,
we won't put out.
We try and try
until we either die or cry.
It's like an ever lasting struggle,
which we end up strangle,
by those very chains
that bind our love to hate.
If only we had the heart to give up.
Would it better, or would we need a mop?
I wish I know.
I wish I had the power to do
the very thing that would break my heart
yet, also save me from the dark.
If only...If only I had never met you...
Perhaps then, I wouldn't be such a screw...

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