A Meaningless War

September 21, 2010
By AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
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As arms rise
And violence beget,
The hurt of the heart
And hopelessness set;
This war continues
And leaves us an empty shell.
A war with no motive
And no desires in mind;
Neither aim nor goal to reach,
No goodness in the heart, to preach;
Yet we fight
This meaningless war,
And none of us ever
Considers backing down.
What started off as a game
Had, in fact, no name;
Now we are soldiers
In a meaningless war;
We fight this war
And peace destroy for good.
Neither evil reigns
Nor goodness tames;
Neither pure exists
Nor the tainted lives.
Now we’re soldiers
In a meaningless war;
What started off
Ages ago, it loses
Its values and meaning
And a lifeless soul, I breathe.
I breathe the air
Of contented doom
And see this world
With fate as gloom.
I touch the pained
But refuse to acknowledge
The hurt of the heart
A mere result of this war.
Yet we fight
This meaningless war
And none of us
Considers backing down.
The end would only see
The victory of the pure.
The heavens above will glide
And hell, too, will rise.
The ruins would end
And so would the world;
As would end
This meaningless war.

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