September 21, 2010
By AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
AmanAhuja PLATINUM, Dubai, Other
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"God helps those who help themselves"

Minutes, they tick by,
A slow process of life-
A torture so subtle,
Physical pain, it presents with no touch.
These minutes, they tick by,
An inevitable force of life-
As final as death they seem,
An end of life they deem.
Minutes, they tick by
And like demons of sheer waiting,
They clear my mind
And disheveled they leave.
Minutes, they tick by,
Testing my patience, strife;
Clearing my mind of goodwill,
They fleetingly pass on.
Uncertain destinations mark,
Intriguing mysteries create;
These minutes of anticipation
Do a trial create.
These moments towards
The ultimate destination,
They make my heart flutter
And twirl and twitch inside.
In a sea of growing desires,
I pass my final time;
And with a pleasant smile,
I greet my final tick.
These minutes, they tick by
And lead me to the end;
Guide me, present me,
And lead me to the heaven.

The author's comments:
It was while my Physics teacher was rambling on about elastic collision that I wrote this...no offense to her, but I could really live without it.

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