September 20, 2010
By Anonymous

A sound that speaks to all mankind
Trills from the valleys to the mountainsides
Free as a Bird, yet tame as a kitten
It spreads through the course of the body once bitten
A disease that consumes, an unquenchable fire,
It brings out all emotions, whether love, joy, or ire
Tales of great wars, or foolhardy pranks
Are all among Time's melodious ranks
It humbles great thinkers, and strenghtens low men
It erases the gap between who is foe and who is friend
The science is boggling, the logic, unsound
Yet there are none who deny that the rules are unbound
Some claim it to be God, yet it is merely reflection,
For truly by Man it is not quite perfection
A muse of the ages, a wrinkle in time,
Could only bring together all tune, art, and rhyme
A distinct beauty that possesses all words
To give light to the soul that can only be heard
What is this name, so you never may lose it?
Why my dear child, it is the gift of Music

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