The Happiest Place on Earth

September 20, 2010
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Take a deep breath.
Step onto seemingly dull, plain grey cement with curious stains after being stuck in a car.
Walk through the puzzling maze of cars in the monstrous parking garage again.
It is finally seen: the bright light of day. The artificial light made by man is quickly shed.
There is a feeling in the air, it can’t yet be seen, heard, or touched; yet.

Step into the tram, squeeze in tight and hold on. The best is not near; yet.
Emotions and thoughts flood through the mind and none can be caught hold of.
It is finally seen: palm trees and entrances. The worry and stress is quickly shed.
There is a feeling of magic in the air, it can’t be seen or touched; yet.
But there is now a memory playing: a smooth symphony of sounds from one’s childhood.
It is a part of the magic.

Push into the magic world as turnstiles sound. It is a fantasy world. A perfect world.
A world with out pain, sorrow, or adulthood. No judgment or torment. Just sense of unity.
Time can fly by without moving an inch. Whatever dreamt is within grasp.
There is a sweet, warm smell of magic
Mixed with the bold but attractive smell of adventure; that of the outdoors and wildlife.
This is the magic.
The rush of adrenalin when the stories produced are lived by all who hear and see.
This brings a state of amazement, a state kept mentally throughout the stay.
We forget: our problems, our stress, our strife, our duties.
This is our magic.

We know the time will come: we try to deny it and forget it.
The time comes closer.
We are tired, but we use the magic as strength and power.
The time always comes when we must leave, but we finally accept it.
We place the carefree feelings back in our hearts and memories in our minds.
We keep within us the reality of a dream created by a man and a mouse.
This is the magic we keep with us.

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