May 30, 2008
By vanessa custer, Aberdeen, MD

You know me
Well Atleast I know you
As my heart beat skips
My dreams begain to fade away

You know me better then I know myself
How can that be
Do you know that I hate my self
My life
And everything around me

I can't stand life any more
I can't stand how I can stand with out breaking
How I can't still sing even caged.
I can't stand it.

I wounder if you'll care
I know you'll read this
I know that for
Well I know you

You see a weak little girl
You see some one crying
You think You need to hold her
But please let me stand
I can't stand how you can do this
I need to know that you still care
That you still see the brave little girl you came to love
Don't protect me

I can fight

even if I don't want to

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