House Of Misery

September 20, 2010
By Rosalyn SILVER, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
Rosalyn SILVER, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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You think you've captured me
and that I'm nothing more than a slave in your House of Misery
The place where the broken become what they never expected to be
as your prisoners they serve your bloodthirsty needs and you wither their souls away
'til they're only cracked empty shells, and not knowing that they've died so long ago

Do you really expect me to believe
all the lies that have driven them out of their minds
not this time will I be taken and used like a doll
that's not worth anything at all

You can clap me in irons and lock away my voice
but you cannot silence my heart and what it has to say
How long will you make me play your games
I never was any good at games
Such a shame you say
But I'll have my own way

Don't underestimate me or my fist
Because I won't ever hesitate
to mess up that pretty little face
you know the face with the smile that never reaches his eyes
the face that speaks of its fame as if fear is the same
and is the haunts of the living's demise

You don't see the same thing that we see
I can't imagine what you see in your House of Misery
I've heard of a door that leads through the floor and
through the shadows that reach to the Cryminthian Sea
I really don't know what to believe

I may not fly but pure air is what I crave
Although deadly and deceiving and evil to your core
can you remember what fresh air was like
filling your lungs with a sweet scent of life
no, so unreal are you that you won't even try

And how long will you remain ignorant of what you used to feel
You know I can't save you but you don't want to be saved anyway
You only have your skeletal minions to help dig you out of your grave

And I do know that none of your heartless plans
will ever deprive neither the dead or alive of a thing that sings so powerfully
it will knock you down and bring this whole dark world with it
and you may join all the defeated in your House of Misery
Hope will save us all

What do you dream of when you get warm enough to sleep
do you taste your sorrow or smell the terror you really feel
do you bleed out your pain or scream until you're insane
or do you dream of a serenity far, far away from the House of Misery
where nothing is what it should be

And if you did, would you tell me
I know your fear and maybe I can rescue your soul from when it was torn apart
by the demons with yellow fangs that still haunt you like you haunt me
But can you make yourself believe that hope can save you too
My soul is safe, and kept in the strength of my heart
Do you still have your heart with you and can you trust me
will the angel be the redeemer of the fiend with no soul

We can break it down and burn all the memories
We can bury the pieces and leave them to be forgotten
And no more will there be a House of Misery
And you'll be free as Hope spreads its wings

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