"The Disease That Kills"

September 20, 2010
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There are many diseases that kill,
But one is on my mind still.
Sit back, and I will tell you more.
When I am done, you will soar.

Let’s go back three years ago;
I was at school, you know.
August 16, 2007, started out great
Until they told me of her fate.

It was 11:05 on that particular day;
Someone had to tell me someway.
Unfortunately, my sister got told bad news,
Because the doctors found the clues.

My mom called the middle school;
She knew it had to be cruel.
They went ahead and notified the room;
Would I be in a sense of doom?

My mind started racing for the first time that day;
I had no clue what to say.
Is she alright? Is she alright?
This is going to be a huge fight.

Stevie, I have some horrible news today;
I’m sorry to tell you what I need to say.
Your world might break;
In fact, it will for your sake.

I do not want the tears to fall;
They wouldn’t surprise me at all.
Go ahead and tell me;
I can manage to be free.

“I’m sorry, but Sam has cancer.”
My heart started moving like a dancer.
I looked into the person’s eyes
And asked, “Are you telling me lies?”

“I wish I was, but no, I’m not.” she said.
My heart felt like lead.
My inner feelings started a war;
My hopes flew out the door.

As I went back to class, a small tear fell;
I’m the only one that could tell.
I did not want to talk about that call;
I did not want to talk at all.

I was too upset to eat lunch,
So all I did was munch.
I couldn’t focus for quite a while;
It felt like my life was running a mile.

Georgia Studies was hard that day; it was on my mind.
I couldn’t seem to find
The one way to cope;
I want to find some hope.

I can manage two more hours, but I was wrong;
That day seemed so long.
The tears were still streaming down my face;
I felt like I was running a race.

As soon as I heard the bell,
I looked, and saw my face was pale.
I calmed down and ran to my dad
And said, “This makes me sad.”

When I got home, I ran to my room.
I knew it; I was in a sense of doom.
I cried myself to sleep that night
Until the tears were out of my sight.

Our relationship sure did change a lot,
But that is what we sought.
We started to talk more and more
Until our hopes came through the door.

It was hard not having her in band;
She always lended me a helping hand.
I was left alone that year;
I constantly had to fear.

My world was torn apart
Piece by piece, part by part.
As soon as others found out,
I knew I was heading down the wrong route.

I, unfortunately, hit bumps along the way;
I knew I would be strong for another day.
My hopes were shattered; my dreams were broke,
But I knew it was not a joke.

My grades were slipping that year;
I knew it would be a fear.
I did not let my grades bring me down.
I never wanted to frown.
When she wasn’t around, I always thought
Of the inner war that was being fought.
Could I do it? Could I be strong?
Yes! Yes! However, I was wrong.

Tears started streaming down at school;
This was not all that cool.
People would not leave me alone;
They drove my nerves to the bone.

No matter what happened, I refused to smile;
I was like that for a long while.
Classmates said, “I know how you feel.”
“No you don’t. It is too much of an inner kill.”

I needed to find the feeling of love;
It seemed impossible from above.
Could I do it? Could I hold back the tears?
I wanted to get rid of my fears.

It was in late January of 2008
When I started to feel irate.
I had no clue what they were talking about;
They were going to try and take it out.

When I heard that, I asked, “Is she gonna die?”
They instantly made a sigh.
“No, Stevie. She will not. She will be okay.”
I wish I could say what I wanted to say.

My whole body started to shake;
I had no clue what to fake.
For the second year, I cried;
I could at least have tried.
In the end, I started feeling great;
I will always remember this particular date.
It will be on my mind forever and ever;
I will not sever.

I ended up winning my inner fights;
I managed to make it through the nights.
I was glad that I dint not fail;
I was the only one who was able to tell.

Now, you know how I felt;
I hope it made you melt.
It made me have a different outlook
On life. I was like a brook.

There are many diseases that kill;
However, one is on my mind still.
I think your heart may have tore;
However, I will continue to soar.

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offwithyourhead! said...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 7:19 pm
wow it was really good. pms!!!
flutechick1234 replied...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 7:43 pm
Thank you.
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