"The Disease That Kills"

September 20, 2010
By flutechick1234 SILVER, Summerville, Georgia
flutechick1234 SILVER, Summerville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
When life knocks you down to your knees, remember you are in the perfect position to pray.

There are many diseases that kill,
But one is on my mind still.
Sit back, and I will tell you more.
When I am done, you will soar.

Let’s go back three years ago;
I was at school, you know.
August 16, 2007, started out great
Until they told me of her fate.

It was 11:05 on that particular day;
Someone had to tell me someway.
Unfortunately, my sister got told bad news,
Because the doctors found the clues.

My mom called the middle school;
She knew it had to be cruel.
They went ahead and notified the room;
Would I be in a sense of doom?

My mind started racing for the first time that day;
I had no clue what to say.
Is she alright? Is she alright?
This is going to be a huge fight.

Stevie, I have some horrible news today;
I’m sorry to tell you what I need to say.
Your world might break;
In fact, it will for your sake.

I do not want the tears to fall;
They wouldn’t surprise me at all.
Go ahead and tell me;
I can manage to be free.

“I’m sorry, but Sam has cancer.”
My heart started moving like a dancer.
I looked into the person’s eyes
And asked, “Are you telling me lies?”

“I wish I was, but no, I’m not.” she said.
My heart felt like lead.
My inner feelings started a war;
My hopes flew out the door.

As I went back to class, a small tear fell;
I’m the only one that could tell.
I did not want to talk about that call;
I did not want to talk at all.

I was too upset to eat lunch,
So all I did was munch.
I couldn’t focus for quite a while;
It felt like my life was running a mile.

Georgia Studies was hard that day; it was on my mind.
I couldn’t seem to find
The one way to cope;
I want to find some hope.

I can manage two more hours, but I was wrong;
That day seemed so long.
The tears were still streaming down my face;
I felt like I was running a race.

As soon as I heard the bell,
I looked, and saw my face was pale.
I calmed down and ran to my dad
And said, “This makes me sad.”

When I got home, I ran to my room.
I knew it; I was in a sense of doom.
I cried myself to sleep that night
Until the tears were out of my sight.

Our relationship sure did change a lot,
But that is what we sought.
We started to talk more and more
Until our hopes came through the door.

It was hard not having her in band;
She always lended me a helping hand.
I was left alone that year;
I constantly had to fear.

My world was torn apart
Piece by piece, part by part.
As soon as others found out,
I knew I was heading down the wrong route.

I, unfortunately, hit bumps along the way;
I knew I would be strong for another day.
My hopes were shattered; my dreams were broke,
But I knew it was not a joke.

My grades were slipping that year;
I knew it would be a fear.
I did not let my grades bring me down.
I never wanted to frown.
When she wasn’t around, I always thought
Of the inner war that was being fought.
Could I do it? Could I be strong?
Yes! Yes! However, I was wrong.

Tears started streaming down at school;
This was not all that cool.
People would not leave me alone;
They drove my nerves to the bone.

No matter what happened, I refused to smile;
I was like that for a long while.
Classmates said, “I know how you feel.”
“No you don’t. It is too much of an inner kill.”

I needed to find the feeling of love;
It seemed impossible from above.
Could I do it? Could I hold back the tears?
I wanted to get rid of my fears.

It was in late January of 2008
When I started to feel irate.
I had no clue what they were talking about;
They were going to try and take it out.

When I heard that, I asked, “Is she gonna die?”
They instantly made a sigh.
“No, Stevie. She will not. She will be okay.”
I wish I could say what I wanted to say.

My whole body started to shake;
I had no clue what to fake.
For the second year, I cried;
I could at least have tried.
In the end, I started feeling great;
I will always remember this particular date.
It will be on my mind forever and ever;
I will not sever.

I ended up winning my inner fights;
I managed to make it through the nights.
I was glad that I dint not fail;
I was the only one who was able to tell.

Now, you know how I felt;
I hope it made you melt.
It made me have a different outlook
On life. I was like a brook.

There are many diseases that kill;
However, one is on my mind still.
I think your heart may have tore;
However, I will continue to soar.

The author's comments:
My sister inspired me to write this. She did not let the fact that she had cancer take control of her life. She always looked on the bright side of things. She now attends the University of Georgia and has been in remission for 3 years.

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on Oct. 1 2010 at 7:43 pm
flutechick1234 SILVER, Summerville, Georgia
5 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
When life knocks you down to your knees, remember you are in the perfect position to pray.

Thank you.

on Oct. 1 2010 at 7:19 pm
offwithyourhead! PLATINUM, Fairburn, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Timothy 1 4:12
Mathew 7:13-14
"Off with your head!"
"Someone has stolen twee of mi tarts!"

wow it was really good. pms!!!

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