Running on Empty

May 30, 2008
By Kayla Stogner, Rock Hill, SC

Lines flashing, traveling down the road
Scenic images passing in a blur
Radio blaring in the background
All I hear is noise

Eyes darting back and forth
Looking forward then looking back
Attempting to be careful
Afraid to see what’s around the curve

Faster I travel
Completely out of control
No one around but me
Isolated in a world full of activity

I’m running on empty
In a valley of ashes
Groping in the darkness
Searching, seeking
For something to cling to
For someone to hold

But my fingers keep reaching
All they meet is a giant abyss
All alone no one to call
Wishing only to stop, wishing only for help
Looking around to see only shadows
Watching as the gauge slips closer to Empty

Emerging from the onyx darkness
The image of reaching hands
Hope bubbles up, to seep through my frozen limbs
I stretch my arms anxious to feel the slightest sign of life
The existence of someone other than me
With all my might I strain
Only to watch the hands glimmer and fade
Until I’m running on empty in the darkness again

On and on I go
Farther and farther I travel
Sporadically spinning out of control
Distraught with panic
Gripped in hysterics
Watching the landscapes whip past
My voyage a rampant merry-go-round
Running on empty

Racking my brain
For answers
Seeking only to find a cure
What do I do, what do I do
Closer and closer I get
To the end
How do I stop it before my demise?
Running on empty

Speeding down the road
Wind whipping past like an abusive lover
Stinging of my skin
Sobbing, sobbing
Fingers tearing at my hair
My face
My flesh
Trying anything, everything
Just make it

Frozen and numb
Completely unfeeling
Vacant and hollow

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