your plan, I know.

September 16, 2010
your face displays your feelings
yes, your not hiding it well
your upset with your seeings
and you dont think its so swell

you'll say its okay and shrug it off
but your just delaying it
you know you want to hit me, and i know not so soft
but your not hiding it, not one bit

so i see the dark plan in your eyes
its written on your face
'get her while shes week' thats the thought that flys
but your being slow, like theirs time to waste

but this time, on me
its horrible and agonizing
i'd rather you just throw that punch
and what i know isnt just a hunch

you will hit me,
but until then
you plan to shrug more and wait to see

maybe your waiting til my anger boils
and i cant help myself
i'll throw the first punch, but no that wont soil
your plan
maybe that is your plan itself

but whatever the plan is, i know
I see it in your eyes
I can feel it in the air, so
its just a matter of time

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