Do You KnoW How It Feels?

June 3, 2008
Do you know houw it feels?
seeing your mom stressed out everyday
having your body violated every which way

Do you know how it feels?
every one asking you whats wrong
you cant even explain, the storys so long
and when you try to stay strong
everything goes terribly wrong

Do you Know How it feels?
putting a big smile on your face
when its a frown deep down
missing my brothers vibrant smile
turns my smile upside down

Do You know how it feels?
having your mom being both mother and father
to be trapped with no way out
feeling like giving up without a doubt

Do you know how it feels?
seeing your world comming to an end
and no one ever has not one hand to lend

YOu Dont Know how it feels

Not at ALL

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belldandy said...
Apr. 26, 2011 at 6:07 pm
thats  very  deep nice job
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