Tear Stained Face

June 2, 2008
She knew something was wrong in the tone of his voice
He called her and told her to meet him in the park that night
She just waits as the darkness of the night takes over the once bright sunny skies
Looking in the distance she sees the boy coming closer and closer to where she’s standing
The look in his eyes makes her feel uneasy, as if there’s a knot in her stomach
When he gets in front of her, he grabs her hands
They look into each others eyes, neither one of them blinking
She brakes away from the stare and looks off in the distance
Her mind is telling her what is going to happen, but she doesn’t want to listen
When the boy begins to speak she looks into his eyes
He tells her she is amazing, but it just isn’t going to work out
She gazes into his eyes as if she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing
She can’t think of what to say
No words can describe the feeling that is invading her body
Trying to hold her emotions back, but she just can’t
Her head turns as tears run down her cheeks
The boy just stares, looking, but not seeing how much pain he has inflicted on her
Sorry is the only word he can say
The girl turns and walks the other way
The boy just watches the girl fade away into the darkness of the night

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