The Boy (copy change poem with thanks to Brendan Reid)

June 3, 2008
By Dani Reedy, Akron, OH

I sat at my friend's, outside by the fence
My eyes started to wander through the bushes that were dense
They fell upon a boy with dark clothes and spiky hair
He was completely unaware, he didn't care

He wore baggy jeans and a plain old T-shirt
He had a fake tattoo of a quirt
He had a really bad sunburn you could see from a mile
And it looked like he left his hair alone for awhile

His face was fair and freckled
He must have been Irish for he was pale and speckled
He had gorgeous blue eyes
That were of a round, medium size

As I was leaving, I looked back once more
The boy was walking towards his front door
As I was climbing through the fence to come home and eat something sweet
I couldn't stop thinking about the boy down the street

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