November 10, 2007
The smile screams with agony
Those tainted brown eyes gleam with intoxicated poison.
Flawless as it may seem,
How wrong you all may be.

The secrets, dark as those of which you may not ponder,
Lie deeply at mind.
Counting the moments which we find so lustful,
They find so deceptive.
How wrong you are to think of them in such ways,
for they take the path which was set to follow.

Days upon nights, they grasp the fears of which you may never fight,
Together they can set the world to eternal darkness.
Apart may you never sleep again.

So be ready to hold your breath, for they can smell jealousy,
you will burn at their touch,
but heal at their stare.
For what you see isn't love,
and what you feel isn't hate.

It's Deception.

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