Your cry isn’t sadness like you say

November 10, 2007
By Jasmine Ouker, Leesburg, VA

Your cry isn’t sadness like you say
Your cry isn’t your pain slipping away
Your cry isn’t your heart about to break
Your cry isn’t because your life’s at steak

Your cry is a cry
Just water from your eyes
A tear that crawls down
And falls as you sigh

The attention you draw
The drama you make
For the tears that you cry
Are incredibly fake

The truth will soon reach you
You will soon learn
That the real tears you cry
Are from hearts that yearn

I plead you
Reach out
Touch a soft soul
Please give it strength
And something to hold

Warm the cold hearts
The ones all alone
Give them real love
Give them a home

For what ever you do
Whom ever you heal
Promise never to cry
One more fake tear

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