This is me

September 16, 2010

I like to go to places I’ve never been before,
I like to find comfort walking through that door,
And the warmth that radiates from each page
Calling new actors, setting the stage
Doesn’t matter if I’m lost or stranded in storm
What can I do? I am a hopeless bookworm.

I am creative, can make wonders if given a spray
Make both a dress and mask from papier-mâché
I love to visualize things, things beyond this realm
Craft new ideas and man my own helm

Sometimes I go way too far, tend to daydream a lot
Stare into the daylight, and drift away on the spot
I anticipate my future, what I can and cannot be,
What I’d love to become and what I desire to see

But all those features, so soft and naïve
Are nothing compared to the side you don’t perceive
I am very determined, very difficult to defeat
Indomitable I am, not always so sweet

And sometimes I am stubborn, when I believe in what I say
No matter how much you talk, I won’t let you have your way
On other occasions I could be very uncertain,
I’d mumble nonsense and hide behind the curtain

Just like a child, I always crave some affection
A lot of fun and games and a little attention
But I get no fun at all; stay up till I’m dizzy
Study all the time, even mum says I am busy
So yeah, hardworking I am, so said Ms. Kim
But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not always so grim!

My best friend thinks I’m ‘friendly’, oh God I must be boring,
In twenty years a Grandma who’s home and always snoring
Aha, that won’t be me since my dreams are more compelling
I want to be a fairytale, through time and space propelling
And if that won’t work out, I’d settle for a performer
At least I’d get to meet that hot guy from transformer

And if forced to take a med exam, I’ll definitely have a proctor
Because I know I’d kill a man if I become a doctor!

The author's comments:
This is me, the good and the bad.

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