Chill Is A Four Letter Word

November 10, 2007
If you had fears like mine
you'd be scared all the time
how come everyone's noticed what we've ignored
(cause the illusions a lie?)
the time has come
to have some fun
but i think you just miss read that scene

fears like you
blindness and black cats
its a wonder i can make it out the front door
but i dont think ill be walking anywhere anymore

the illusions a lie
and i have no alibi
can you just sign me up for leathel injection?

when you say 'friends' it's a twisted word
but i don't know what you've heard
i hate to play games and i hate to gamble
now im stuck between a wedge and an anvail
cartoon caracters were ever this scary

how come everyone's noticed what we've ignored?
cause the illusions a lie
(i'm sorry)
and take heed
cause it's a lie
just a lie

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