broken good byes

September 18, 2010
By Anonymous

the love once lost is found deep within your translucent eyes. your soul is full of hartbroken good byes. you take in the hevey breth as it starts to rain. you fallow the drip of pain coming in. as you remember your forbidon sins. you start to change. your not the same.
the anger fells your voice. as a tornado starts to grow. your emotions that youv hid so well you just cant contrule. a storm arupts into a numbing faze. as you brake. your soule is shattered. you say (what have i just done who am i eny more. i have lost my self.) you are hurt. you are broken. you are lost in the hallwas of your own mind. you are yet to find your self. you are lost waiting to be found. screaming in the silence of the wispers in the wind. crying for your love to be found. you are crying yet there is no sound to be herd. no voice the be rectonded with. no one to hear you so not nowing they asume your fine. but inside your not fine at all. your lost and broken. yet your stell longing for a peace a hope. a second of joy. you surching in a never ending world of dicet. you are lost in a broken world of lies.
you are lost in a hart full of broken good byes.

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