Bait Trip

November 10, 2007
As we pull out of the driveway
and speed down the road,
with my heart nearly pounded out of my chest,
my dad heads for the bait store.

The materials are packed in tightly
just enough space for the clink clink of the poles embracing the window.
Fish hooks
gauged into the flesh of the seats,
pull out chunks of fluffy white batting with each screech of the brakes.
The safety kit crashes with each wall of the truck.
front, back, side, side
each collision louder than the first.
Hypnotized by the sounds,
a deep sleep fell upon me.

Wham- aroused by the slam of the door I awaken to an empty car.
I wait for what seemed like forever.
I watch, vividly scanning each person that exits the store until I saw my dad
bait in hand.

Focused on the trees as we pass,
I notice small gaps of blue force their way though the army of green.
As the lake nears,
the trees darken,
the leaves more sickly.
The force of blue- overtook.
The army of green- overtaken.

The lake,
radiant as the sun glistens in all of its beauty.
I inhale, the crisp cool air filling up my lungs with a soothing sensation.
The waves ripple, and create the heartbeat of the lake.

Beautiful it seems-
a harmless treasure.
But within its murky waters
Harm awaits many.

While my family waits for a bite, I fiddle with the earthworms and minnows.
Baffled by their long and narrow bodies,
I comb my fingers through the earthworms
disgusted by their cold and slimy feeling.
Interrupted by the frequent splashes of the minnows, I decide to take a look.
I’m given the first catch by my brother.
It’s body is covered with iridescent scales
Its eyes penetrate-
A cry for help.

I stroke its body.
I look into its eyes-
but they do not look back.

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