Save Me From Him

September 18, 2010
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She's pretty, She's smart
She's fresh with young life

But she's shadowed by
Something, something not right

The shadow is him,
He is envy and pain

She trembles with fear
When he calls her name

He's the bushel to her radiance,
The shackles to her feet

The reason at night,
that she can not sleep

So she lies in her room,
On her bed holding tight

Her wishes for his love
And her life without fights

She stares at the roof,
As tears stream down her face

She retreats behind walls,
Into her happy place

Where his mean jeers and his taunts
Have no place there at all

Until from downstairs,
She hears his loud call

She wants to runaway,
Pack her bags, call a cab

But instead she will serve,
the Man she calls dad

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