November 10, 2007
Life is short
Short and sweet
But only if you enjoy it
There is no such thing as the elixir of life
Just life
Which in itself is an elixir
Of happiness
The sun shines
The birds sing
The rain comes
A flood flows
The flowers grow
Enjoy the simple pleasant things
Don’t let them pass you by
Just stop and smell the roses
By the next day
They might be gone
Try your hardest and don’t give up
Laugh until your belly hurts at everything you hear
Learn all you can
Read everything your hand touches
Reach out to help people
With your learning
Make a difference
And know that not everyone lives the way you do
Have an ice cream and don’t think about how many calories you’re eating
Write a poem
Share a smile
Help create a different world
Don’t just take up space
Do something
Because life is short
Short and sweet
So live it to its fullest
Don’t look back
And regret nothing

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