Lovely Lies

September 18, 2010
When you lie I die inside,
It makes me cry,
I wonder why,
At nights I want you by my side,
Then I remember all the lies,
Everything you tried to hide,

Our relationship built on lust and lies,
It’s not fair I want to die,
And Just forget the deceit in your eyes,
I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you,
After all the things you put me through,
You said you’d never be like him,

But it turns out, your just another “him”
Now im the only one to blame,
For letting you play this sick, twisted game,
But don’t worry I’ll pull through,
You’ll know im not in love with you,
I’ll make sure everyone knows,

How you are then you’ll know,
What it’s like to be hated,
And I’ll laugh cause your now jaded,
Everyone thought you were so kind,
That you would never lie,
Well everyone was fucking blind,

But now my eyes are open, I can see,
How you really are and what you’ve done to me,
I’ll pull through ill be even stronger than I was before I met you.

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