I remember, the flowers were blooming

November 10, 2007
By Melony Davis, Nashua, NH

I remember, the flowers were blooming
spring had just begun
I was almost done with school
I graduated the next month
oh how my life changed
on that fateful, May day
when I met a boy
and he swept me away…

the summer went by
it was a great one
so many good times
we had tons of fun
we’d stay up later than the moon
all night, me and you
the way you kissed me
you would bite my lip
oh I miss these
moments I cannot forget

well, Fall is here
but your not
the leaves have changed already
the air is cold and crisp
I long to have you here
to warm my heart and kiss my lips
and like the leaves from the trees I’ve fallen to the ground
I miss you so, but I hate it though
1,200 miles
that’s a lot of distance between us
my heart is sad, my head is angry
my heart cannot forget you
my mind wants nothing less

when winter is upon us
and im all cozy in my bed
I know, I just know
I’ll wish you by my side
maybe in my dreams when im deep in sleep
you’ll be there, bedside me
but I know, we may never touch again
when the ice melts, and the leaves return
maybe, just maybe
youre memory I’ll have burned

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