November 9, 2007
By tamara holcomb, Crown City, OH

i prayed as the beatings continued
with every punch and kick getting harder
it hurt to bad to block every hit to- the face
so i prayed in hopes of it to stop

with every smack to the knuckles
as they swelled and bruised
i tried not to jerk away or more i- would get
so i just prayed that i wouldnt feel it

with every finger squeezing my neck
with every gasp of air i tried to take
the look of evil in her eyes
all i could do was pray

with the look in her face
and the scissors in her hand
when i was running away from fear
all i could do was pray

when school came
and bruises teachers noticed
and lies i would tell
all i could do was pray

when children services showed up
and left soon after
i knew what was coming
but all i could do was pray

when objects come flying
and plastic hangers bust
with every hit to the body
i could do nothing but pray

when a sippy cupcome flying
and warm red blood poured
as i just wiped it away
i just needed to pray

as it continued years more
i soon come to believe
that my prayer was going nowhere
but i still prayed

now i believe my prayer
did do something
because now all that hurt
i no longer feel

i pray that kids in this world
do not have to feel pain
but when they do
to let them know that they should pray

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