The Dress

November 9, 2007
By allison shuler, Gainesville, GA

After a long and endless search,
The mission is complete.
The ideal prom dress had been found.
Turquoise blue and full of shimmer,
Complete with a train.
It fit me like a dream.
Since I had the perfect dress,
I thought the night would be perfect too.

When the big night came,
I could hardly wait.
My date came in his father’s red sports car.
He told me I looked beautiful,
And that he loved my dress.
We went to dinner,
Which was divine.
Then we arrived to the elegant ballroom.
I saw all my friends,
And they all told me how much they loved my dress.

We danced the night away,
Until the very end.
Then we left to go to a party
In the outskirts of town.
The roads were curvy,
But he knew them well.
We were almost there,
When I heard a bang.

It took a minute to comprehend
That we had been in an accident.
The windshield was shattered
And broken glass was everywhere.
I looked around to see the damage
When I realized my dress was ruined.
Blood stains and rips and tears
Covered the once elegant material.
I used to feel like my dress meant the world,
But then I realized there were more important things.
The most important at that moment
Was the fact that I was alive.

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