Everything in Transit (For Andrew)

September 13, 2010
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White walls, suffocating, collapsing caves,
Needles filled with medicine pushed in your veins;
It’s taken over your body; the darkness resides in your cells.
It’s a battle less war, but the stakes are high, you’re fighting for your life.
You’re unraveling, on the verge
The flood is rising, yet the melody guides you.

Something Corporate bolstered you
but you draw inspiration from the caves.
You’re living on the verge
and f*** yeah, you can live like this. Your veins
are filled with music—it has become your life.
A glass passenger, a holiday from real streaming in your cells.

You’re coming undone, the hospital walls morph into a cell.
Striving for happiness, together again and she’s made for you.
Katie, a brave girl, your sister, her cells have given you new life
But you’re alone in a crowded room, still refusing to cave
in. No forgiveness, just light, light rushing through your veins.
It still resides in your cells; recovery is on the verge.

Memories firing, you struggle to keep your head above, constantly on the verge.
Papers, bills, a tour, it’s too much; you’ve lost the will to keep fire in your cells.
Don’t let yourself submerge, don’t let the ice slip into your veins.
your music is inspiration, it keeps lungs breathing. Music is within you,
it’s drawn up from the deep caves
of your soul. A jumbled mass of chords becomes your life.

Your chords morph into mine; they become my life.
And now reliance on the melody takes me to the verge, your verge,
and the walls, now they’re caving
in and I’m sinking, sinking, suffocating, but I feel it, your music is in my cells.
Inherent admiration of you
fills me up, becoming liquid in my veins.

And I’m spinning, crashing, and I’m vain.
I can’t stop my story; it has become my life.
Lovingly I think of you
Of how your story brought me to the verge, my verge,
How it took over my cells
Releasing me into the depths of my own cave.

My veins become caves,
a hallelujah chorus gives me life and penetrates my cells,
I’m on the verge and it’s because of you.

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