Hear the tell-tale whispers

November 9, 2007
Hear the tell-tale whispers of lovers’ hearts
thump-thump to the staccato of dropped pennies in fountains.
Breathe in utter oblivion,
black holes of legacy in your retina
shattered and fixed in multifaceted nightmares of ecstasy.
Dear sentinels guard this wicked fortress beguiled by worldly passions.
Contain the sighs of woeful chords struck upon the thin-stretched heartstrings.
Bleed not the awful truth,
The cruel lament of broken dreams,
of broken truths,
of broken hearts…

Raise the thorns of Briar’s kingdom,
let no prince pass through its grasp.
There is no Beauty on the other side to wake from fitful slumber.
Gouge his eyes out he who attempts to rescue madness so far gone.

[Because of you
she turns away and hides behind her chilled demeanor.
Because of you
she plunges everyday into depths of cold psychosis]

There is no cure, no aid, no treatment
for the festering virus inside her.
Carve out her carcass for the flames and watch it consume her…

[Like you did]

Brittle bones go on and dance,
this is your chance to fly to freedom.
No more vines to tie you down with drunken fervor and fermented hate.
Sweet clouds of mercy fog reality,
cleanse the soul of its brutality,
take the burden of her tears and toss them to the winds.

If this heart denies a savior,
why does it still beat for one?

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