The Emancipation of Mimi

September 17, 2010
I need you

I need someone, I don’t care who

I can’t do it

He’s throwing a fit

She’s yelling

We’re all fighting

All we do is shout

I need out

I’m stressed, I’m crying

I’m weak and dying

Let me be

Set me free

Please, I’m begging

I can’t take this screaming

I say set me free

But she ignores me

I need to leave, I can’t take being stressed

I think this is best

I must pull through

But it’s so hard to do

My thoughts run wild

Won’t someone help this poor child

I’m trying so much, I really am

But right now I don’t give a damn

He’s wasted again

I already know how this will end





Whenever I run away

No one bothers to ask where I stray

I never get a text or a call

It’s like they don’t care at all

Today’s the day that I’m set free

Today’s the emancipation

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