Seems Like Forever

September 17, 2010
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He looked cute. A thought that would never have crossed my head finally did. I didn't listen.

I ran. I ran as fast as I Could. I knew of no one or nothing around me.

I'm lost. Every sound is like a stike of a bass drum.

I'm scared. My mind races. Thoughts come and go. Should I keep running, should I stop and look of my surroundings?

I'm bleeding. I think, how did this happen, as all my other past thoughts disapear. I did't want to but I did.

I fell. I tumbled and as I fell, I remembered what chased me to were I had been.

I have awoken. It was a blur. My eyes twitched as they tried to adjust to the light. A sharp pain shot from my leg. I can't remember what happend... Oh wait it was him.

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